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087 292 0784

System Power Flushing

Is your heating system experiencing any of the following problems?

  • Some radiators are completely or partially cold

  • Excessive boiler noise

  • Radiators rusting

  • Repeated pump failure

  • Radiators cold at bottom

  • Slow heat-up of individual radiators

  • Frequent bleeding of radiators

Power flushing is a process by which heating systems are cleansed using water and magnetic filters, with the addition of powerful cleansing and mobilising agents. Our Fernox Power Flushing machine is attached to the heating circuit in place of the system pump, boiler or radiator and the flushing is done at high velocity, but low pressure, so that no physical damage is caused to the system. In this way the heating circuit can be thoroughly cleansed of lime scale and corrosion debris, leaving your system free to operate at its full capacity.

We cannot be held responsible for any disruption or damage caused by the power flushing however, we will advise on old systems and have other methods of cleaning your central heating system if needs be. A Power Flush of your heating takes less than a day to complete.

For ultimate efficiency, an annual oil or gas boiler service is always beneficial to obtaining great savings even after your heating system is cleaned / power flushed.